here is a nice article in Wired explaining some of my recent interactive work with the mike gordon band

my new LP with ben vida ‘working models’ is finally available.
go over to the BUY HERE! link on the side to purchase a physical or digital copy. 

purchase digital (FLAC/mp3) & physical (CD/LP/cassette) copies of my music here:

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i have a brand new piece, ‘lapis lazuli radiance tathagata (second great vow)’, on a khalija records compilation featuring headboggle, tim perkis, wyatt penn keusch and more.

check it out & buy the cassette or download here:

the test pressings arrived today for the greg davis & ben vida ‘working models’ LP!
coming soon on los discos enfantasmes

hello world!
welcome to my new website.
much more coming soon….